The New Moms' Healthy

Returns program is a simple

and customizable solution from

brands you know and trust

Equipment and Supplies

Medela breast pumps are preferred by hospitals and clinicians—and loved by moms. Options include our hospital-grade Symphony® PLUS Breast Pump, designed to be used by multiple moms, and two of our most popular premium personal-use pumps. Best-in-class breastfeeding accessories are also available to stock your lactation room, as well as to offer to your employees.  

Resources and Education

Members have access to unmatched breastfeeding education and resources based on our 30+ years of breastfeeding experience. Resources range from a handy app to a comprehensive video library, stage-based educational emails, and more—all designed to help take the stress out of feeding with breast milk at work.


24/7 Virtual Support

Medela 24/7 PLUS powered by Pacify provides round-the-clock on-demand access to pediatric experts through baby’s first year. Employees who sign up for the program receive a Welcome Box that can be customized and branded for a personalized touch that demonstrates your commitment. 

Milk Shipping

We’ve partnered with Milk Stork to make it easy for working moms to get their breast milk home from anywhere in the U.S. when they are away for business. Moms choose a Pump & Tote and/or a Pump & Ship option—whatever works best for getting milk back home to baby.  


Space and Privacy

Space to pump breast milk at work is mandated, but Mamava’s easy-to-place lactation pods can make it fun, modern—and cost effective. An app helps guide moms through the experience and provides you with helpful insights and usage data.


and Feedback

The program includes detailed insights and data to determine satisfaction and engagement. Both Mamava and

24/7 PLUS powered by Pacify provide engagement data, user feedback, and allow for in-app surveys you can deploy.

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New Moms’ Healthy Returns offers a customizable,
single-source solution from Medela and Mamava, designed

to make it easier for you to support your employees when

they return to work after baby.