We know the arrival of COVID-19 has brought new challenges to employers who are working to protect employees while continuing to operate their businesses and serve their clients as best they can.

In this new post-COVID world, we also know that employees are expecting more of their employers and HR teams, and that means ensuring workers feel they can confidently return to a clean and sanitized work space. This may be especially important for breastfeeding employees who will be pumping at work, and seeking extra reassurance that they can continue to provide breast milk to their baby.


We at Medela and Mamava want to ensure you have the best information on how to prepare for pumping practices in our new circumstances, so we have created these tools to provide guidance. Please explore the resources below, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have.

Recommended Lactation Space Adaptations

For employers looking to re-evaluate their lactation spaces due to the arrival of COVID-19, here are some considerations that may help keep your spaces cleaner and easier to sanitize.

Cleaning Guide Poster for Your Lactation Space

An outline of good cleaning practices that can be placed in your lactation space(s) to help remind pumping employees how they can keep the space clean before and after each pumping session. It is available in two sizes for easy printing!

Mamava Resources for a Post-COVID World

Check out additional resources and information about pumping spaces in a post-COVID workplace.

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