Help your clients engage and support working parents.

Employers are looking to their brokers to help them attract and retain working moms. New Moms’ Healthy Returns offers an innovative and comprehensive solution to help employers support new moms as they transition back-to-work.


Women and mothers are a crucial and growing segment of the employed population.  While only 2% of women plan to leave the workforce to focus on family,  43% of new moms actually do leave the workforce within three months of childbirth.  Employers need ways to support new moms and help them stay in the workforce.

New Moms’ Healthy Returns, created through a partnership between Medela and Mamava, is an easy-to-offer, customizable bundle of benefits for new mothers.  Employees whose companies provide breastfeeding support consistently report improved morale, better satisfaction with their jobs, and higher productivity.  As a trusted partner to your clients, you can offer this best-in-class, personalized solution to make it easier for moms to successfully come back to work. 





Women made up 47% of the workforce in 2020 4

Avoid the hassle of cobbling together multiple benefits vendors.  Instead, work with one trusted provider that knows moms best and has done the work to create a convenient, turnkey solution.


With New Moms’ Healthy Returns, you can start providing your clients an easy-to-implement set of benefits, helping increase client satisfaction and demonstrating your understanding of their changing workforce needs.


Offer a comprehensive enterprise solution for clients who need products and services to be available across multiple locations or offices—all from one vendor who has the infrastructure in place to easily implement the program.

Customize the program based on current client needs, and client can expand as needed.

Help employers understand the regulations so they can stay on top of compliance issues.


New Moms’ Healthy Returns comes from the experts in the field, and includes best-in-class breastfeeding products and resources:


Top-of-the-line Medela products: hospital-grade pumps and lactation essentials to make pumping at work faster and easier.


Easy-to-place Mamava suites: a plug-and-play space solution that gives moms the comfortable, dedicated lactation space they deserve.


24/7 Virtual Support from pregnancy through baby’s first year: even more essential for new parents during the pandemic, in-the-moment access to experts, including pediatric nurses and lactation consultants, to give mom peace-of-mind as she navigates pregnancy and breastfeeding transitions.


Credible Medela educational resources: from The Moms’ Room to Breastfeeding University, we help moms feel supported and empowered in their breastfeeding journey.


Breast milk shipping for traveling employees: get moms where they need to be without having to worry about how they can feed their baby while on the road.


Congratulatory gift box: direct new parents to the benefits available to them, and help employers ensure each expecting employee is congratulated and celebrated. Customization options within the gift box are available as an upgrade for interested employers.


Employee engagement & communication: ready-to-use campaign customized for each employer to help them get the message out to their employees

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