No mother should feel forced to choose between her career and how she feeds her baby.

More and more women are looking for companies who provide benefits that support their choice to both parent and work. In fact, 82% of female employees said they would choose additional benefits over a pay raise.

That’s why we created Kin™—a customizable, single-source solution from Medela and Mamava that offers the benefits you need to support your working parents.





With Kin your employees get the support they need to successfully balance their career with breastfeeding and a growing family. You get a competitive advantage by providing a supportive, family-friendly environment that attracts and retains employees.

In fact, employees whose companies provide breastfeeding support consistently report improved morale, better satisfaction with their jobs, and higher productivity.

Breastfeeding support is good for families and for business.

Lactation support is critical to Diversity and Inclusion efforts.


We know employers are under pressure to retain valuable talent, invest in a diverse workforce, and offer a culture of inclusion for all. Supporting women when they become mothers is a key part of achieving those goals. Our Kin program helps HR professionals and managers solve the problem of attracting and retaining women, and advance their corporate reputation as an employer-of-choice for working women and parents.

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1-day absences for moms of breastfed babies vs. moms of formula fed babies

New moms need better support

Today, there are more moms than ever in the workforce. But many new moms who want to continue providing breast milk to their babies feel they’re not getting the right support and products to meet their needs when they return to work. As a result, they are unable to meet their breast milk feeding goals and may leave their jobs after giving birth. 


Employers are under pressure to retain valuable talent while managing or reducing costs. But providing a seamless, supportive experience that helps moms go back to work and feed with breast milk longer can be a challenge.


of the labor force is comprised of women
of mothers work
outside the home
of babies begin their lives receiving breast milk, but this drops dramatically when moms return to work

Introducing our customizable solution that supports working parents,
helping employers attract and retain talent.

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Check out our White Paper:

How to Win Women Back in a Post-Pandemic Workplace

Employers struggle with fragmented, confusing and complicated benefit options.

Kin can help.

Dozens of vendors

Lactation support driven by health plan case management

No support built into the intranet

Back-to-work focus on leave and child care

Low engagement in health risk assessment and wellness programs

Fragmented support

Issues with finding breast pump provider

Need for milk shipping

Access to pumps varies by benefit design and plan

Lack of portable solution for open workspaces

No early education

Inconsistent room design and access

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