There’s a lot to consider when going back to work. This guide will help you understand what you need to pack the perfect at-work pump bag! 

What to Pack in Your Breast Pump Bag 

Pump Cleaning Supplies

Quickly and conveniently keep your pump parts clean with Quick Clean™ Micro-Steam™ Bags, Breast Milk Removal Soap, and Breast Pump & Accessory Wipes, designed specifically for breast pump parts. 

Reminders of Your Baby

Stimulating your senses can help with breast milk letdown, so a picture or video of baby can help -- even a piece of their clothing can be a useful at-work tool.

Breast Care

Tender Care™ lanolin and hydrogel pads offer relief and protection for sore nipples, keeping you comfortable during and after pump sessions. Bra pads can provide protection and confidence during the day. 

Your Smartphone

Cell phones are the ultimate utility tool for moms on the go. Having a breastfeeding app like MyMedela® can help you track your pumping sessions and reach your breastfeeding goals! 

Pumping-Friendly Clothing

When you get dressed in the morning, consider the fact that you’ll be pumping throughout the day. Avoid clothing that makes it difficult to pump at work. Wrap-style or button-down blouses work well!

TIP: A hands-free nursing bra can help you relax and focus on things other than pumping during your sessions, which can help improve your milk supply 

Breast Pump to Leave at Work

Having an additional, mobile pump, like the Freestyle Flex® Breast Pump, to keep at work means one less thing to think about when getting ready in the morning or packing up at the end of the day. 

Cooler for Transportation

Freshly expressed breast milk can be safely stored in a cooler bag with ice packs for up to 24 hours (at 59°F), which makes it easy to transport milk on your daily commute.


TIP: Our Breast Milk Cooler Set has a clear pocket for a name tag to keep your milk from getting mixed up in the company fridge.