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American Healthcare Leader Profiles Melissa Gonzales, Executive VP of the Americas for Medela

Updated: Sep 16

American Healthcare Leader recently wrote a detailed profile on Melissa Gonzales, executive vice president of the Americas for Medela, and her commitment to being a champion for breast milk feeding families in the workplace. The article shared insights and links to key research about the benefits of breast milk and current issues for breastfeeding women in today’s U.S. workforce.

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Melissa spoke about Medela's investment to improving the resources available to support working and breast milk feeding parents, focusing on New Moms' Healthy Returns, a program developed through a partnership between Medela and Mamava, Inc. Through this offering, employers access a customizable, single-source solution to help retain working moms by providing breastfeeding support benefits. “Employers want to help support moms who are returning to work—they know that if they can enable their workforce, they’ll have a better chance of retaining those women—but it becomes difficult because they don’t know how to create something that is simple to use as well as comprehensive,” says Melissa.

Read the full article here: Melissa Gonzales Partners with Parents at Medela

To learn how you can support working moms in your organization, visit NewMomsHealthyReturns.com.

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New Moms’ Healthy Returns offers a customizable,
single-source solution from Medela and Mamava, designed

to make it easier for you to support your employees when

they return to work after baby.