New White Paper to Help Your Organization Better Support Working Moms

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

A new white paper from Medela on Why Supporting Working Moms is Key to Your Bottom Line has been published to help organizations understand the trends and research behind attracting and retaining mothers in the workplace—and how this can make a difference to a company’s bottom line.

Today’s organizations are continually challenged with attracting, engaging and retaining working women—and this can become even more challenging when these employees choose to become parents. Working women today want to balance becoming a new parent and growing their career, but research shows that 43% of women leave the workforce within three months of having a baby (Berry, et al. CDC. Becker’s, Harvard). And according to SHRM the cost of replacing an employee could be as much as 200% of their annual salary. So, it has never been more important for employers to look for ways to keep their talented female workers engaged and on the path towards a long-term career within their organizations.

This white paper offers HR professionals and company executives a look at research and the latest developments in helping attract and retain working moms. Download a copy of the paper here.

New Moms’ Healthy Returns, the program sponsoring the paper, was co-designed by breastfeeding experts Medela and Mamava to provide the resources employers need to support working and breast milk feeding parents in their workforce. Learn how New Moms’ Healthy Returns can support the working women in your organization today.

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