Medela and Mamava are committed to helping moms successfully feed their babies breast milk, and to do so for as long as they choose. We are also focused on deeply understanding and sharing the experiences of working, breastfeeding moms. We use these important insights in many ways, including to champion improvements for women and to offer guidance for employers to help them better support their breastfeeding and pumping employees.


Please find information below from surveys we have conducted with working mamas who shared their thoughts and feedback on the working + breast milk feeding experience.


Breastfeeding and Work in a Post-COVID World

Dates: survey conducted in May and June 2020

Respondents: 1,389 working moms who are, or plan to, feed their baby breast milk.


The Return-to-Work Experience After a New Baby

Dates: survey conducted in January 2020

Respondents: 2,068 working moms who are feeding their baby breast milk.